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Albion fishing bot

The ultimate afk money maker for albion online

What is it ?

A bot for afk fishing

Albion fishing bot is a software created in order to automatically catch fish in the Albion online MMORPG. Just launch the program while you’re away and when you’re back, your inventory will be  filled with fishes. It’s more profitable than buying silver in-game.

2M silver each night

Start making passive silver each day. Using albion fishing bot, you can make an average of 2M silver each night, passively !



Albion fishing bot does not inject instructions into memory and it does not alter game files. Hence, it’s undetected by the anti cheat system for albion

Best on market

The algorithms were specifically developped for this software. That’s why it’s the best fishing bot for albion online.



  • Support all screen resolutions
  • Automatic use of fishing bait
  • Prevents disconnection
  • Advanced pulling algorithm. (Pulls all fish faster than a human)
  • Advanced bite detection (not based on sound, self recovery, and bait lost detection)
  • Advanced throw algorithm (fishing area selection, throwing distance auto-calibration, out of area auto detection)